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Health-preserving lovers should all have heard of Gua sha, which is a kind of health- preserving method of traditional Chinese medicine. Gua sha is to scrape and rub on the skin surface with a tool to achieve the effects of regulating qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relaxing muscles and tendons, dredging collaterals, expelling pathogenic factors and toxic substances. Now let’s talk about the benefits of Gua sha and what should be paid attention to when Gua sha.

Four benefits of regular Gua sha

  1. Relax tendons and dredge collaterals

Nowadays, most young people need to sit in front of the computer for a long time due to work, so they will have scapulohumeral periarthritis and often feel back pain. One of the reasons for this is that the soft tissue of the human body is damaged to result in the shrinkage and spasm of shoulder muscles, thus causing pain. Gua sha at this time can help us relax our tendons and unblock the collaterals as well as relieve the tense state of muscles.

2. Beneficial to metabolism and toxin discharge

The metabolism goes on in the body and then discharge waste toxins. Metabolic wastes in our body caould be scraped out, while pores deposited under the skin can make our body’s blood flow smoothly, which is more conducive to metabolism.

3. Help with vasodilatation

Gua sha can dilate capillaries, help blood circulation and prevent hypertension. Dilation of capillaries also contributes to secretion of sweat glands, and perspiration contributes to metabolism of toxins in the body.

4. Improve immunity

Gua sha can also regulate women’s menstrual periods, relieve their physical fatigue, refresh them and improve their immunity.

Gua sha is good, but there are also many precautions when Gua sha. Improper operations may damage our health. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Remember the following four points about Gua sha

  1. Keep warm after Gua sha

Slight pain and itching occurred after Gua sha, which is a normal phenomenon, and patients should remember to keep warm after Gua sha. No cold bath within 30 minutes after Gua sha. Even when Gua sha in hot days, patients should not expose to air conditioner and fan, and it is even more necessary to keep warm in winter.

2. Gua sha technique

Gua sha is not a random one that can play a role in health care. Gua sha has strict requirements on the technique, strength and scraped part. Improper operation is easy to damage the body, so patients who do not know how to scrape must do so under the doctor’s instructions, and should not operate at random.

3. Number of times of Gua sha

After Gua sha a certain part, it would be best to scrape this part every other week, not frequently. Moreover, it is not suitable to scrape many parts at once, which is easy to make patients tired.

4. People unfit for Gua sha

Not everyone is suitable for Gua sha treatment, such as those with sensitive skin, bleeding symptoms, weak health and certain diseases are not suitable for Gua sha treatment.

5. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and with unhealthy liver and kidney should not be treated with Gua sha, because Gua sha will lead to hyperemia under skin and smooth blood, which will increase the burden on heart, liver and kidney and is not conducive to the rehabilitation of patients.

6.Pregnant women

Pregnant women’s abdomen and lumbosacral can not be scraped, easily lead to miscarriage.

7. Skin disease patients

People with skin diseases such as furuncle, ulcer, sore and macula cannot be treated with Gua sha, because it is easy to cause wound rupture and infection.

8. The sprained and injured

No Gua sha is allowed for the parts with sprains and injuries, because Gua sha will aggravate the condition of the affected parts and easily lead to bleeding.

9. Overtired people

If people are too tired, too hungry and drunk, they are not suitable for Gua sha treatment, because Gua sha can easily lead to collapse.

10. Scraped part

Some parts of the body cannot be scraped, such as lips, eyes, nose, areola and navel, because Gua sha will cause mucosal hyperemia in these parts.

Gua sha can be therapeutic, but it is only a health care method. Thus, we cannot believe too much in its benefits. If you are not feeling well, you must see a doctor in time. Before Gua sha, you must understand the Gua sha technique and strength, and do not scrape yourself to damage your health.


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