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Nowadays, the therapeutic concept of traditional Chinese medicine is deeply rooted among the people, and more and more people begin to recognize the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, cupping, Gua sha and other treatments have become routine health care plans for people. Do you know the benefits of Gua sha? Who is unsuited for Gua sha treatment?

Three benefits of Gua sha

  1. Promote metabolism and excrete toxins

Metabolism goes on in our body all the time, so there are a lot of metabolites and toxins in our body. If these wastes are not removed in time, organs will be damaged and a series of health problems will be caused. Gua sha can open pores of the skin, make the body warm and expel excess metabolites out of the body, thus making our blood cleaner and body more relaxed, helping to refresh us and prevent diseases.

  • Dredge meridians and collaterals

A sedentary lifestyle or sitting in front of a computer or checking a mobile phone for a long time can lead to excessive tension of local muscle joints and or abnormal contraction and spasm, and then result in shoulder periarthritis, cervical spondylosis or back pain and other discomfort, which is a common disease of modern people. If you have this symptom, you may as well receive the Gua sha treatment. Gua sha can relax our tense muscles and joints; promote local blood circulation; effectively avoid local blood stasis and alleviate joint muscle pain.

  • Regulate viscera function

Gua sha is an act of repeated Gua sha and rubbing on the surface of the skin with a specific tool. Our back is a concentrated area of viscus where Gua sha can stimulate the local skin and nerves and strengthen the connection among organ, so that these organs are in a state of balance and coordination, thus effectively preventing discomfort such as gastrointestinal discord and spleen and stomach weakness.

Who is unsuited for Gua sha treatment?

  1. Gua sha is the act of rubbing skin directly. Although it can effectively promote local blood circulation, it can also lead to hyperemia of subcutaneous tissue and even increase the burden on organs such as heart, lung, liver and kidney. Thus, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver dysfunction and edema had better not receive Gua sha treatment.
  • Pregnant women should not receive Gua sha therapy because there is a risk of abortion.
  • Gua sha will scratch the skin and rupture the subcutaneous capillaries, resulting in bruises or black spots on the skin. As a result, patients with skin diseases, such as ulcer, furuncle, swelling, macula, are not suitable for Gua sha treatment. The skin of these patients is very fragile, and Gua sha will aggravate the possibility of infection. In addition, patients with contact skin diseases or infectious skin diseases should not be treated with Gua sha because it is easy to transmit the disease to others.
  • Drunken, tired or starved people should not be treated with Gua sha. Under these conditions, people are relatively weak. Gua sha treatment at this time will cause blood to flow to the body surface and cause a sharp decrease in blood flow of effective circulation in internal organs, eventually leading to collapse or shock.
  • Patients with blood diseases such as leukemia, thrombocytopenia, or platelet  regeneration disorder should not be treated with Gua sha because Gua sha can cause extensive bleeding under the skin and the risk of non-stopping bleeding.
  • Scrapping treatment is unsuited to the affected part of fracture patients or sprained patients, because Gua sha will aggravate edema or inflammation of the affected part and slow down the speed of wound healing.

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