Measles refers to the red, purple, black spots or black blisters on the skin surface after being scraped, which also refers to “rash marks”. Scratching causes the capillary vessels under the skin to rupture, and then congestion permeates into the skin, resulting in bruises. These changes in skin may last from one day to several days.


Chinese name: Measles

Rash mark: Usually subside automatically within 5 to 7 days.

Sensation: A burning pain

Color: red, purple




①After receiving systematic and healthy Gua sha, people in good health don’t suffer from measles, which is only manifested as flush skin, local fever and relaxed body.

② Judge the health status by the position of measles. All meridian circulation routes and acupoint areas are prone to produce measles, and will prompt visceral functions associated with corresponding meridians have pathological changes. For example, after evenly Gua sha the bladder on the back, if the measles spots or purple spots appear in the xinshu point area, the cardiac function is abnormal and the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

③ The condition of recovery can be judged by measles. If there is scattered measles with light color, it means the disease is relatively mild and easy to recover. If there are a lot of rashes, large lumps and purple blood packs and the like, it indicates that the disease is serious and can only be recovered after patient’s receiving treatment for many times.

④ Measles syndrome is different from measles. Measles syndrome refers to some diseases, such as headache, fever, cough, boredom, dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distention and fullness, nausea and vomiting, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, head and face disease, body swelling and pain, and dark fingernails, which occur frequently in summer and autumn and are caused by pathogenic wind-cold, heat, eczema, dryness-heat, or toxic gas of pestilence, and is called measles, eruptive disease or eruption.

⑤ In the process of Gua sha, if there are locally rash marks, gently scrape and make the measles slowly comes out to reduce the pain. This is called measles emergence. In addition, some people with neuromuscular paralysis are not easy to suffer from measles after being scraped. The operator should not scrape insistently, scrape the same part, or force the measles to occur, but he/she can scrape for more times to make the measles appear naturally. If the measles appears naturally, it indicates that the condition is getting better, which is also called measles permeation.

⑥ If blood packs occur or blood vessels float up in a string when Gua sha the lower limbs, it indicates poor venous circulation function. The lower limbs should be scraped gently and reversely immediately, and the skin should be protected to promote blood reflux.


No measles

According to our clinical experience, the reasons for the absence of measles can be summarized into four points:


  1. Deficiency of qi and blood

People with deficiency of qi and blood have slow blood flow in their body due to weak physical constitution. If there are stasis and blockage in a certain part of your body and you receive the Gua sha therapy, measles is also hard to come out. At this time, we don’t have to receive Gua sha therapy. If you want to receive Gua sha therapy, please be sure to ask the operator to gently scrape. As long as the pores are scraped to open and drain, local fever has therapeutic effect.


  1. People who take too much medicine are not easy to have measles

Drugs have side effects. Long-term drug patients will cause confusion of the body’s immune system. Even if the patient feels uncomfortable and painful at the scraped part, he/she will not suffer from measles.


  1. Those with thick fat

Thick fat grows primarily in manual laborers who do the heavy work.


  1. Best case

People who are physically and mentally healthy don’t suffer from measles, either.



Scrapping, as a traditional Chinese medical and healthy technique, is increasingly recognized by people, but female friends who are particular about their appearance love and hate to receive Gua sha therapy. Love it, because it can dispel pathogenic factors in the body and promote health. Hate it, because red measles all over the body affect the appearance. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, after people are infected with pathogenic wind, dampness, internal heat and other pathogens, yang qi cannot be well vented. Scrapping can help to vent pathogenic factors. The occurrence of measles is the inevitable result of dispelling pathogenic factors. As far as modern medicine is concerned, measles is a manifestation of blood vessel dilatation to capillary rupture, blood overflow and local formation of blood spots on the skin. If you want to get therapeutic effect, there must be measles when being scraped, which is also the standard for measuring therapeutic effect. It is not very realistic to prevent measles from coming out, because the measles has already come out before it can be dealt with in the process of Gua sha. If there is no measles, the effect will also be discounted.


General knowledge of measles’s disappearance

After being scraped, the black and purple marks on the skin are harmful to the beauty. Hot compress on skin with towel and drinking more water are more likely to relieve measles.

The duration of measles varies according to the constitution. For people in good health, the measles usually subsides in 2 to 3 days. For people in poor health, the measles usually subsides in 4 to 5 days. If a hot towel is applied on the scraped part after being scraped, the body will be in a higher temperature and hotter environment, which can improve the blood circulation in the local area where the measles occurs, shorten the existence time of the measles, and accelerate the fading of the measles. After being scraped, drinking more water can promote the discharge of toxins in the body. Since Gua sha can lead to local capillary rupture and blood overflow, proper supplement of liquid is conducive to accelerating blood circulation and excretion of metabolites.



People in weak health should not be scraped.

Scrapping effect is good, but not everyone can be scraped. There are some contraindications, especially facial Gua sha, which requires more caution.

Some people say that facial Gua sha will promote blood circulation on the face and metabolism, and gentle Gua sha will not harm the skin. However, people with acne and other facial diseases should refuse facial Gua sha. Lax disinfection or improper operation is easy to cause infection. In addition, people with weak constitution, weak qi and blood, and bleeding tendency such as thrombocytopenia are not suitable for being scraped.