Buguashatools.com upholds the fine tradition of “integrity, responsibility and attitude”, and sells overseas commodities from foreign regular suppliers, insists on the guarantee of authentic products, promises to be carefree after sales, and helps customers “live a better life with less money”.

Goods purchased from buyguashatools.com support 7-day return, cross-border goods (involving customs clearance procedures and time limits) support 7-day worry-free return; individual goods may not enjoy return policy, please pay attention to the special instructions on the commodity page.

The time limit for returning goods without worries shall be counted from the day after you receive Netease Koala’s merchandise. If the customer service confirms that the return requirement is met, the merchandise transaction amount will be refunded to your purchase account as soon as possible after the return application is completed.
The situation and requirements of supporting worry-free returns are as follows:
Commodity quality problems;
Commodity spillover loss is absent;
Commodities are in good condition and complete with relevant accessories.