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Nowadays, everyone’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger. Many post-90s begin to preserve their health by drinking medlar water. Gua sha is a very common health preserving method in life. I believe everyone has at least heard of it even if they don’t receive Gua sha treatment. Health lovers can’t hold back their love for Gua sha. Regular Gua sha is of great benefit to health, but do you know what the “measles” is? Does more rashes mean more toxins are excreted from the body? The real answer may not be what you think.

What is the “measles” after Gua sha?

What is the “measles” after Gua sha? Is it internal detoxification?

Measles is a stasis in the qi and blood of the meridians, commonly known as measles virus. Measles will hinder the circulation of qi and blood, adversely affect the exchange of nutrients and metabolic substances in the body, and easily cause multiple organ lesions. There are still hundreds of diseases concerning traditional Chinese medicine that can cause measles, which is enough to illustrate the benefits of Gua sha on health.

Clinically, red and purple spots or plaques on the skin scraped out by special Gua sha tool are called measles. On the surface, it may be that measles is similar to blood stasis, but there is an essential difference between the two. At ordinary times, people will feel pain and their mobility will be limited if they accidentally cut their skin or fall down to cause congestion. However, the spots appearing on the scraped site that look like blood stasis will reduce or even disappear with the discharge of measles, and people’s mobility will not be limited, which is different from the phenomenon caused by blood stasis.

When Gua sha, the measles occurred in various parts is the blood that has left the channels, permeating outside the blood vessels, existing among tissues and under the skin. When the measles subsides, the color of the measles will gradually change until it disappears. This process is not a process in which all toxins are absorbed by the body, but a process in which cells with immune function in the body decompose toxins and expel them out of the body. There are many defense factors in human blood and tissue scissors. Lymphocytes and phagocytes in the immune system can expel foreign bodies, toxins and the like out of the body through complex biochemical processes to ensure the safety of the internal environment.

What is the “measles” after Gua sha?

Is more measles more beneficial?

Many people think that Gua sha a large red area or a large red and purple area is the best state. In fact, this is a wrong idea. It is not that the more measles, the darker the color, and the more painful the muscle, the more therapeutic effect there will be. If the operator does not have a good grasp of the location and strength of Gua sha and blindly pursues the color and quantity of measles, the result will not only be ineffective, but may also lead to the rupture of vascular network on the subcutaneous superficial layer and even skin necrosis. Generally speaking, after measles occurs, the scraped part shows reddish or purplish red and it feels painful, the Gua sha can be stopped.

The time for all the measles to really subside is usually about a week, but within a few hours after Gua sha, the measles will obviously subside a lot. If the operator forcibly scrapes forcibly or carelessly, the measles will not disappear and the skin will probably be damaged. If the arc-shaped measles cannot fade for a long time, the patient had better go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid infection or other adverse reactions.

What is the “measles” after Gua sha?

Precautions for Gua sha

How to scrape properly? Clean the part to be scraped, and dip the edge of the Gua sha plate with Gua sha oil first. Generally, it is scraped from top to bottom, from the middle of the body to both sides or from inside to outside. Don’t scrape back and forth. Gua sha intensity should be moderate, not too light or too heavy, and each about 20 times per part. Please stop Gua sha if the skin appears reddish. Don’t expose to the electric fan or wind when Gua sha.

Gua sha has good health care effect. People with neck and shoulder discomfort, back ache and dyspepsia caused by wind-cold could receive Gua sha treatment properly, but not everyone is suitable for Gua sha treatment, such as people with skin allergy or damage, people with insufficient or weaker qi and blood, and women during menstruation and pregnancy. If these people receive Gua sha treatment, then they may not keep good health but look for trouble.

What is the “measles” after Gua sha?

Thus, the measles scraped out is the blood that has left the channels, permeating outside the blood vessels, existing among tissues and under the skin. Scrapping can play a role in dredging channels and collaterals, dispelling pathogenic factors and eliminating dampness, but it is not that the more measles and darker the color, the better the effect. Generally, Gua sha should be stopped when the skin appears reddish.

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